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Always follow all rules and guidelines that may be specific to your school

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Employee Information for using Smartfind

If you have
pre-arranged the substitute for your absence, (you already asked them),
you must check the YES circle/radio button
located under the specified name area of the absence request as shown below:

Want the substitute to know who you are when SmartFind calls them?
Call the number located on the Employee Quick Reference Card and voice your name!
Print this information card and keep it handy!

Want to make sure that you have a better chance of getting a sub for a last minute absence?
Do Not Specify your sub.  Leave the absence open.
This may have a better chance of getting a sub for your last minute absence.


New for 14-15!!  --  The minimum absence you may request is now 4 hours.
For absences that are less than 4 hours, please see your school secretary.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Log In / Access ID? Your Employee ID number (all 8 numbers 100XXXXX)
What is my password / pin?

Temporary Pin is 55555
You must create your own pin the first time you use your SmartFindExpress account.
Never use your Employee ID as your Pin/Password or you will lock your account.

How do I Pre-Assign my Substitute? How to Pre-Assign a Substitute
Can I cancel my absence?

Yes! But only up to 24 hours before the absence begins. Once the absence is within 24 hours of the absence begin time, you must contact the school to cancel.

Can I assign a substitute to my absence?

Yes!  Choose Pre-Assign when you create your absence if you already have a substitute who has already consented to substituting for you.

I want a certain substitute but I am not sure if they can substitute for my absence.

You can choose 'Specify' to request a certain substitute.
SmartFind will make every effort to obtain that person for your absence.  If that substitute cannot be confirmed for your absence, only then will SmartFind open the absence up to the rest of the substitute pool.

I was a substitute, then I was hired to a short term or temporary assignment.  How do I become a substitute again?

You will find this information under Pathway 3
I want to become a substitute when my short term or temporary assignment is over.  How do I become a substitute? You will find this information under Pathway 3
Did you know that substitutes:

May not bring any personal electronic equipment into the classroom?  Also Substitutes may not use the classroom computer unless it is part of the lesson plan.

'The Substitute Teacher Clause'

This is an agreement between you and your class for the days you will be absent.  Please feel free to alter it in any way.  This is presented in Microsoft Word and is not locked.

The Substitute Teacher Clause



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  What is expected from the Classroom Teacher
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