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Schools must follow the ‘highly qualified’ rules of the NCLB legislation

BPS Substitute Employment Requirements

teachers are crucial to providing support to the BPS School District.
Each day that the substitute teacher is in the classroom, is a day of education for our students.
Your work plays
a vital role in maintaining continuity of instruction and a positive learning environment.

The following information is being provided to assist you in completing the requirements
to become a substitute teacher for Brevard Public Schools.


Important Information for FLORIDA RETIREES ONLY

Retirements include members retiring after participating in DROP.

Retirements with an effective date on or after 07/01/2010 may not be reemployed for 6 calendar months.

Reemployed retirees will have a reemployment limitation period for the following 6 calendar months (months 7 -12) where they will have to suspend their pension benefitsThere are no reemployment exceptions.

Brevard Public schools will not rehire a Florida State Retiree for 1 year from the date of their first distribution.

To determine your rehire eligibility, please complete this form - Retirement Form
Please print the form, write your phone number on the form, sign it and fax to 321-633-3525 Attn:  Jackie.
We will call you with your eligible substitute date.




Before you consider becoming a substitute for Brevard Public Schools, it is required that you meet the following qualifications.
NO Exceptions will be made

  • Must be 21 years of age

  • Minimum Education Requirement - High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Complete required employment paperwork

  • Complete online training & testing - if required

  • Pass required pre-employment screenings (Drug Screening & Security Clearance)

It is preferred that you have the following qualifications:

  • Be physically able to perform the duties of a substitute teacher

  • Adequate and reliable transportation

  • Availability to work Monday through Friday in all grade levels and subjects

  • Have internet access



Information, steps, & forms for
Substitute Applicants
with a
Degree in Education or who hold or have held a Teaching Certificate


Information, steps, & forms for
Substitute Applicants who DO NOT
have a degree in education
or have never taught



Short-Term Teachers and IA's
finishing Temporary Assignments

for the current school year only

Please read the employment questions further down on this page to help you determine your qualifications.
Then follow the instructions for the Pathway above that applies to you in order to complete your substitute packet.




If you have concerns regarding your acceptance as a BPS Substitute, please contact 633-1000 x205 BEFORE you begin the process.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a
Substitute Teacher with Brevard Public Schools!

Human Resource Hours are from 8 AM to 4:30 PM



 1.   If I have or have had a teaching certificate, do I need to complete the online substitute training course?

No, you do NOT need to complete the online substitute training course.  However, you will need to submit a copy of your active or expired teaching certificate.  Please follow instructions for PATHWAY 1.


 2.   I have a Florida Statement of Eligibility.  Do I need to complete the online substitute training course?

The question is, 'Are you a trained teacher?' If you ARE a trained teacher, you do not need to complete the online training. Please follow instructions for PATHWAY 1. If you ARE NOT a trained teacher, you ARE required to complete the online substitute training course. Please follow PATHWAY 2.

 3.   I have a degree in education (Bachelors or higher) but I have never taught or held a teaching certificate from any state.  Do I need to complete the online substitute training course?

No, you do NOT need to complete the online substitute training course. Please follow instructions for PATHWAY 1.


 4.   I have a Florida Statement of Eligibility.  Do I need to apply for a District Issued Substitute Certificate?

Yes you do.  A Statement of Eligibility is NOT a Florida State Certificate and you must apply for a District Issued Substitute Certificate.


 5.   I have an AA / AS degree in education but I do not have my Bachelors yet, what path do I follow?

       That depends - have you finished your education courses?  If yes, please follow instructions for PATHWAY 1.  If no, please follow instructions for PATHWAY 2.

 6.   Do I need to bring in a copy of all my transcripts, such as an Associate degree?

Yes.  Faxed or copied transcripts will not be accepted.


 7.   There is a form in the that needs to be notarized. Is there a notary in Human Resources?

Yes, Human Resources has a notary available.

 8.   When do I go for my drug screening?

The school that you choose to have your initial substitute interview conducted, your home school, will issue the paperwork and send you for drug screening. The fee for drug screening may be paid with a local check or money order for $25.00


 9.   Is the Substitute Teacher position a part-time or full-time position?

Neither.  A Substitute is a temporary employee who works on an on-call basis, as-needed, with no guarantee of work days or hours.
A Substitute is an hourly employee and is not paid for their lunch time unless they are monitoring students as part of their duties.
There are no benefits available for substitutes.


10.  What is the cost of fingerprinting?

The fingerprinting fee is $54.50.  When you register online you may pay by credit card or bring a money order to the Office of District and School Security when you go to be fingerprinted.  No checks or cash accepted.



Substitute Salary Table

Terminate Your
Substitute Employment

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If you need an accommodation to participate in the application/selection process,
please notify Human Resources in advance.
Applicants who are veterans and seeking initial employment by a covered employer
will be given preference if they qualify under Florida Statute, Chapter 295.

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